The Last Supper

If it’s good enough for Jesus its good enough for us. With that in mind this season we have started early and are intending to do more than in the previous years. Sadly we will be without Tavis and Norawho can no longer participate but they have left things in order and  the field clear for us to continue. In order to take up some of the slack Dee from Velvet Circus is helping us make the Supper look just so.

We did our first one last week and what lovely thing that turned out to be. The reactions onthe guests’ faces as they arrive says it all – utter delight at the surroundings and set up. One beautifully dressed long table cuts a path through the oat grass, the grill area is adorned with hanging lamb legs, the dj and bar set in amongst the long grass too. It was a perfect evening that turned into a beautiful night.

The food as always is based around sharing with fantastic mezze to start then the lamb with more Persian delights as accompaniments. Then the dessert parade that always leaves the guests agog.

Twas great to get this under way so early in the season and we’re already getting ready for the next one on june the 8th. Now I’m thinking about the music – does anyone out there want to be the first on our ‘set4supper’ deal? You play the music, we feed and water you.

Dig it?